Giuseppe Stefanelli

“I have in my heart the prayer that raises the power of my life” – PART. 1 – 2001
Multimedia work on paper assembled on panel
cm. 300 X 350
Diacolor: Ugo Pannella
Setting up: Gianni Mackinson
Music: Cesare Picco
“To not forget the Shoah”
Palazzo Reale Milano
Gennaio 2001

On the occasion of the first national celebration of the Holocaust Memorial Day in the Milan Royal Palace, the artist realized a big sized multimedia work (15 mq). It was in the memory of the Jewish persecutions, who were first imprisoned in the San Vittore Prison and the deported away to concentration camps. This work was realized in collaboration with Gianni Mackinson (setting-up), Ugo Pannella (photographic images), Cesare Picco (soundtrack).